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My mom and I saw the ad for this film and we wanna see it, hearing its a good film makes me excited. A great film and book center around one of his early cases is out, called Just Mercy. Hopefully it will bring more people to hear this amazing, heartfelt talk. It's hard for America to admit how deliberate it's incarceration system is being used to RE-enslave and disenfranchise the black population, while technology puts the rest of the nation to sleep. In every one of these debates. Its 100% clear. That americans never look at other, more successful countries to see how they have solved the same issues.

More outrage propaganda brought to us by the wealthiest and most privileged people of color in Hollyweird. Captain Marvel, Killmonger and Electro together in a movie. This is actually giving me chills.


Like his personality, he comes across as very down to earth normal guy. Kinda refreshing for hollywood. How does this still happen? 🥺😤🤬. So glad this movie is coming out! Need more of this. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗. This movie needed to come up its time we get a movie from the black perspective of how it is have target at you for being black for a man in know your freedom could be taking for nothing 💪🏾 I Praise Michael B Jordan & Jamie Foxx for coming together to make this possible.

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I am going to the museum EJI founded in AL soon to pay my respects. This movie was honestly the funniest and saddest film of 2019, what a fantastic film. I have to see this. Awesome 👍. This man is coming to speak at my university and I'm so excited! Loved his book. "Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done."
Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
Attorney Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) is the model of perseverance as he defends in the late '80's Walter McMillian, a black man in Alabama (To Kill a Mockingbird's Monroeville, ironic enough) over corrupt murder charges. Although the arc of defense is usually the same in reality as well as this drama, Just Mercy, each incident will hit fair minded audiences in the gut each time.
Director Dustin Daniel Cretton keeps the pace of Bryan's investigation apace, from the early days as a new Harvard trained lawyer to the journey to the Alabama Supreme Court and back. During that time the audience gets a stark reminder that standing up against bigotry and corruption (Alabama cops do not come off like justice driven officer) as Stevenson does is not for the weak, but definitely for those who seek justice, especially for underserved minorities.
Although Walter having been unjustly convicted is established early on, it's the undoing of that conviction (Walter is awaiting his execution date) that provides suspense, with multiple incidents of denial in the court system. Meanwhile Stevenson (he wrote the account on which the film is based) gives a few too many Hollywood-like speeches about the prejudice that allows an innocent man to lose part or all of his life fighting a system that caters to the wealthy and the white.
The strength of this predictable drama, unavoidable given the story is based on a real drama that is replayed in courtrooms daily, and it seems in the South more often than normal, is the depiction of helplessness for the unjustly convicted and the efficacy of tenaciousness joined to truth. The corrosion of justice and the heroism of humane people is on display and a reminder that never giving up is the antidote to hopelessness.
Hope is the dominant motif of Just Mercy, and it's just and merciful.

When your skin is dark you are inherently in trouble from self righteous race called white. I am actually surprised you reviewed this movie. DEY stole my life. Will definitely be watching this. The son looks like Bababoey. So KILLMONGER and CAPTAIN MARLVEL working together now. Looking at ALL the “Original Gangsters” under the comments.

I love what Ellen is wearing! That suit - and those colours - look so good on her. It's good to hear Labrinth's music back on a movie trailer worth watching it's been a long time coming. I feel like Jamie looks like hers learning life lessons something from this interview. Streaming Free Movie to Watch Online including Movies Trailers and Movies Clips. Please read Just Mercy and The Sun Does Shine. I'm Crying; can we be like this, no just in the Holidays just a thought. IMAGINE HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED BEHIND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT WERE INNOCENT SAD 🙏.

I cant hold myself whenever he imitates the blacks. hahahaaa

7:55 I tried to lick my elbow right after he said that to prove him wrong. Couldn't do it. His confusion face is the cutest thing I've ever seen 😍.






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